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How to distinguish cast iron roll from cast steel roll?

 Cast iron roll: the roll with coarse hemp mechanism can be obtained by adopting sand-lined non-metallic mold and continuous improvement of carbon chemical equivalent, which is called semi-chilled pig iron roll. The roll of the task layer with white mechanism due to the chilling effect of non-metallic mold is called chilled pig iron roll; With the above method, the roll that properly improves the carbon chemical equivalent of molten steel and loses the pitting mechanism is called the limited chilled pig iron roll.

     Cast steel roll: normally summarized according to the carbon content: hypereutectoid steel roll with high carbon content, commonly known as semi-steel roll, the practice of high-carbon semi-steel roll has extended into the field of pig iron; Another type of high carbon hypereutectoid steel roll is graphite steel roll, whose graphite is lost after inoculation and heat treatment.


     Due to the great difference in the price and maintenance cost of these two types of rolls, customers should select cast iron rolls and cast steel rolls according to different production requirements, product requirements and their own economic conditions.

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